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Dr. Bridget Shannon specializes in multiple medical eye health issues and can diagnose and treat many conditions. Call Shannon Vision Care and schedule an appointment today with Dr. Shannon.

  • Eye Conditions – Brief descriptions of the various eye conditions we commonly see, diagnose and treat at our office in Allen, including lazy eye, cataracts and more.
  • Dry Eye and MGD – A quick look at what might be causing your dry, red eyes.
  • Vision Correction – A brief illustration of some of the most common vision correction services offered at Shannon Vision Care.
  • Diabetic Eye Disease – Brief look at Diabetes and how it affects your eyes.
  • Macular Degeneration – Description of Macular Degeneration and illustrations of how it affects your vision.
  • Glaucoma – A brief look at what Glaucoma is and common symptoms.
  • Medical Eye Health – A quick look at some of the most common eye diseases diagnosed, and often treated, at Shannon Vision Care, including pink eye, glaucoma and more.